It is not much difficult to find part time jobs online these days. Internet is fully clogged with so many part time jobs. In these jobs, some are real some are not real, just a bogus. When you search for part time jobs online you will come across so many such real and bogus part time jobs and get yourself confused on which one you should join. Before start hunting the part time jobs one should have a clear plan in mind on what he/she wants. Here we have listed some legitimate and genuine companies that provide real part time jobs that help people earn some extra cash from their home.


Earning money on internet is as easier as learning alphabets in kinder garden. Internet is a huge ocean of opportunities without any boundaries or limitation of earning. You can earn money in millions or thousands according to your dedication and time spent on these part time jobs online.



You may be a newbie just looking some extra cash with part time jobs or you may be an experienced professional that planning to make big money on internet, here you can find all kinds of part time jobs that suit any level. You can be a student, housewife, professional, retired, unemployed or one with keen interest to make lot of money on internet, these

part time jobs will turn your life into a paradise within a short span of time.


Taking online surveys for market research firms and getting paid nicely, entering data online for outsourcing companies and making good money every day, spending time on facebook, twitter, MySpace and making money with social media jobs, blogging, web content and articles writing, home typist jobs, data transcription jobs are some of the hot part time jobs for youths of this modern age. These part time jobs help them make few thousand dollars every month and most importantly give them a sense of responsibility.



Online surveys for money


Taking online surveys for market research companies and getting paid is one of the great part time Online jobs. All you need to be just share your opinion about products and services. Online surveys are sent via email to survey takers. Once you complete them and submit, you will be paid $5 to $75 per survey depending on the length of the survey. Normally it takes 10 to 20 minute. Online surveys are good for students, house wives, professionals, retired and anyone with the need of money.


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Online data entry jobs

Online data entry job is considered as one of the good part time jobs. Big companies need data

 entry workers to work from their home and enter data online. All you need is a computer, laptop

 or any other device with internet connection. You can sit at your home do this part time job and

make lot of money in spare time. Many people worldwide do this data entry part time jobs and

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